Role of Women in China versus America

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Different cultures promote widely variant ideas of the proper role and place of women within a society but I am discussing women in China and America. Is there something significant in the similarities and differences on my list? The American women are totally different from the Chinese women. American women enjoy more personal freedom and independence than women in many other parts of the world. In many places in the world, women are expected to hold marriage and children as their primary goals and interest. Margaret Walsh stated that ?the main activity of these women was domestic, during later stages of frontier development, many were involved in activities such as prostitution? (241). In America, a woman is just as likely to decide that her education, for instance, needs to be completed before she can consider marriage or family. ?In America the women have taken the role of the men, the men the women, and the children are the heads of the households? (Currie 71). I feel that the men should take on their own role because the women should be able to work also even though some people say that a woman?s places is at home cooking and cleaning. The role of women in China has changed dramatically, from one servitude and repression in ancient China, to one of equality in modern China. China women were sometimes subject to their father but when they got married they were subjected to obey their husband without and questioning. ?This study considers family development and attitudes toward motherhood in light of changing roles of women in China. The effects of revolutionary events and government policies on marriage and the traditional family are presented based on interviews conducted in China and a review of the literature? (Hare-Mustin and Hare 67-82). I think that women in any culture should have the same role because it seem like China women have no freedom. Some women went to night school, or worked at the factory until laws were passed to equalize women under the law.
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