American Womanhood Dbq Analysis

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For over centuries, society had established the societal standard of the women. This societal standard pictured the ideal American woman running the household and taking care of the children while her husband provided for the family. However, between 1770 and 1860, this societal standard began to tear at the seams. Throughout this time period, women began to search for a new ideal of American womanhood by questioning and breaking the barriers society had placed upon them.

Women first began to search for a new ideal of American womanhood by questioning the standards that society had placed upon them for many centuries. For example, in Document 1, a Philadelphia woman states "teas I have not drunk since last Christmas, nor bought a new cap or gown". This Philadelphia woman is reluctant to drink tea because drinking tea had been associated with an activity of interest for only women. She believes that if she doesn't drink tea she is refusing to confine to societies standards of women. The Philadelphia woman also states how she has bought the traditional clothing for women for a period of time. Instead, she …show more content…

During this time period, the idealistic view of a woman was running the household while the husband provided a source of income. For a woman not to follow this role, society deemed as untraditional. However, many women began to criticize this role because they believed they should be granted the same opportunities as men. For example, in Document 3, a woman can be seen working in a factory. This is an example of a woman breaking the traditional societal role to provide a source of income for herself, rather than having it be provided for her. Not only did a vast amount of women enter the workforce, but they also began to fight for more opportunities. They fought for opportunities such as equal education, pay, and political

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