Role Of Ophelia In Hamlet

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303 words

Throughout many literary works we are met with characters who appear briefly throughout that work. In the literary work Hamlet (Shakespeare, 1603), we are introduced to the character Ophelia. Ophelia can either been seen as driven for her mad love towards Hamlet, or seen just as a victim to society for the outrageous expectations she has for being a woman. Ophelia appears briefly throughout Hamlet, but when she appears she is caught between the her father and brother’s instructions, and Hamlet’s overwhelming demands. Throughout most appearances Ophelia has in Hamlet she is met with nothing but request from Hamlet and her father and brother. During the duration of Hamlet, the reader or audience member may feel a sense of woebegone for Ophelia

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how ophelia appears briefly in shakespeare's hamlet, but is caught between her father and brother’s instructions and hamlets’ overwhelming demands.
  • Analyzes how ophelia is met with requests from hamlet and her father and brother during her appearances. the reader or audience member may feel a sense of woebegone for her.
  • Analyzes how laretes hears of polonius' death and returns to denmark and finds his sister corrupt. ophelia becomes corrupt and overwhelmed with her father's death due to her lover hamlet commits suicide.
  • Analyzes how ophelia's few occurrences in hamlet cause the character’s to use her for their own personal good. she is torn between family and lover.
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