Ophelia Is Concerned With Hamlet In William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'

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• Ophelia is concerned with hamlet because in the past of their relationship he would buy her presents and write her romantic love letters. Ophelia decides to break things off with him because hamlet starting acting weird. Ophelia said that, Hamlet came up to her dressed very strangely, with his stockings askew, his shirt untucked, and no hat, and that he was "pale as his shirt; his knees knocking each other; and with a look so piteous in purport as if he had been loosed out of hell." His clothes are a mess, and he’s flustered, super pale, and looks like he 's just seen a ghost. Hamlet then grabs her hand, and with his other hand, felt her face "as he would draw it." He’s acting very strange, feeling her face like he wants to memorize it, and then, he "raised a sigh so piteous and profound as it did seem to shatter all his bulk." He shook her arm a few times, shook his head a few times, then left the room, all the while keeping his eyes fastened on her. In Hamlets mind, he is upset at his mother for marrying his uncle so quickly after his father 's death. I feel that…show more content…
I thought he was mean and only cares about himself. He may still be that, but now he seems more human. The fact that now he wants to put Ophelia with Hamlet is evidence that he is not the man we were let to believe. Now he sees how much they care for each other and want them together. No, I think that he is a bit overprotective with his daughter because he is afraid of the love that Hamlet feels and shows for Ophelia. Furthermore, he talks to the king and the queen about Hamlet and how he is behaving. “I have a daughter who in her duty and obedience, mark, hath given me this. Now gather, and surmise. Queen- Came this from Hamlet to her?”(43). In other words, this quote shows how Polonius is making Ophelia read the letter that Hamlet has given to her, to read to the queen and king. This shows that he Polonius has respect for Hamlet but does not trust him a
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