Role Of Nursing As A Profession

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Nursing as a Profession Nursing is a profession of huge importance. What does a nurse do? What is a nurse’s scope of practice? These are questions that have been debated for years. This paper will discuss nursing as the profession it has become. Throughout the years nurse have provided care along with research. They have demonstrated the integrity necessary in order to be recognized as leaders in the healthcare environment. In this paper nurse’s Scopes of Practice, standards they must adhere to, the role bachelor degrees in nursing play, along with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to contribute successfully to the profession will be discussed.
Professional Identity Defining nursing as a profession is an area that has been debated for years. What makes nursing a profession rather than simply an occupation? Understanding the differences between a profession verses an occupation is a vital concept for nurses to apprehend. Areas that establish this differentiation are that: nursing is constructed on
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Everyday nurses utilize collaboration; perhaps not even realizing they are doing it. By definition collaboration is, exerting together, to cooperate, and to work with one another in joint effort toward mutual goals (White & O’Sullivan, 2012). Models of how nurses utilize this in a hospital setting is by asking questions to other nurses on the unit when one is unsure of something. If one is uncertain of the best practice, or how to do a certain nursing procedure, collaboration is a great tool in order to enhance one’s understanding. While it can be a simple process, it is an essential one. In nursing nurses are to look out for the well being of their patient’s. In everyday situations, nurses are face with uncertainties. It is vital to keep the fact that the quality of care nurses provide, along with their patient’s safety should be kept at the forefront of nurses minds at all
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