The Pros And Cons Of College Education

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There has been some debate as to whether or not college education is worth it. Some people argue that college education is worth and some people do not think college is worth it. College can be expensive, so that why some people have to use student loans to pay for school. When they graduate after college, majority of them will be in debt, because of the student loans. Most jobs do not required you to have a college degree, but you will have to have a least a high school diploma. People who choose to go to college and get their degree will have better opportunities in life. College graduates, also will get paid more than a high school graduates. There are some pros and cons about whether or not college is worth it. In U.S. News, Craig Brandon and Richard Vedder argues that college is not worth. They both a have many reason why college education is not worth it. In Brandon’s article, “College, only the motivated need apply” he believe that people have to be motivated to college. According to Brandon, “A student who is intelligent, motivated, engaged, and has a clear career goal should get a degree and it would be a crime not to send her to the best college possible” (Brandon). He believe most college students …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the pros and cons of college education. some people argue that it is worth and some people don't think it's worth it.
  • Analyzes how craig brandon and richard vedder argue that college education isn't worth it. brandon believes that intelligent, motivated, engaged, and has a clear career goal should go to college.
  • Explains that richard vedder, in u.s. news, agrees that college education is not worth because of student loans and getting a job after graduation.
  • Explains that anthony p. carnevale and peter konwerski agree that college education is worth it.
  • Explains that college graduates are more likely to be in the labor force and to find jobs faster during periods of unemployment.
  • Explains that it is up to you whether or not you should go to college and get a degree. most college graduates that are in debt with student loans will have to push back their goals.

News, there are two people that agree that college education is worth it. They are Anthony P. Carnevale and Peter Konwerski. According to both Carnevale and Konwerski, people should college degree, because they can get a better and higher paying job, and more opportunities. “Students need to carefully investigate the accredited opportunities available for further study, including proprietary, distance, and technical education, the comprehensive two-year community college system, as well as the traditional four-year public and private college and university models” (Konwerski). Konwerski states, “Once the decision to pursue higher education has been made, a student should take full advantage of the academic support systems available at the

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