Rhetorical Analysis Of Extra Origami Commercial

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Many people today enjoy a piece of gum to have refreshing breath and keep our teeth healthy. Extra-Origami commercial ties in the love a father has for his daughter while she is growing up until she is packing for college. Extra develops its idea of it being long lasting gum by comparing it to a father figure who is dependable and always there for you. The company has established its commercial through the rhetoric devices of ethos, pathos and logos. This advertisement attempts to persuade families who value their relationships to buy Extra gum through the story of a father and his daughter. One of the rhetoric devices that is used in the commercial is ethos. Extra is a credible company which encourages viewers to buy their gum. In the commercial…show more content…
One of the main ways the commercial does this, was in the last scene when the daughter is packing for college and the box of the origamis fell on the floor. Viewers were touched by the fact that the daughter had kept all the origamis her father had made her. This implies to viewers that happy moments and memories are shared with their gum. The commercial shows the connection the father and daughter have, which relates to the viewer’s attachment with their family members as well. Extra does a good job of creating emotions to the viewers throughout the commercial with happy and sad stages through the daughter 's coming of…show more content…
The message that they wish to convey is that Extra is more special than other gums by establishing credibility, emotional appeal, and reason. The commercial touches the people 's hearts while selling Extra’s gum as well. They developed an innovative way to sell their product so that when people see Extra gum in stores they are reminded of the commercial. Extra has stepped outside of the box to develop a beautiful commercial that is simple and heartwarming at the same time. With this type of commercial I believe Extra 's sales will grow. It seamlessly captures family’s hearts because they understand how much love and affection is between a father and daughter. In conclusion, the main goal of Extra’s masterpiece was to entice their viewers to buy their gum to experience the joy that is meant to be perceived with a refreshing cool breath
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