Research and Data: General Overview

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Research means process of generating and analyzing information. The system of collecting data for research projects is knows as research methodology. The data may be collected for either theoretical or practical research.
These are the different profiles of a researcher.
Inside researcher is the researcher who is researching into his own organization and the place where he work. If the researcher is involved in researching his own area of work in his place of employment is it called inside the researcher? Insider research has the researcher trying to find out what is inside the people he is researching. He is attempting to understand the thinking of behavioral patterns of people in organization, in order to consider what they really mean when they say or do something. When understanding this kind of research he might either be watching others, or be working beside them and watching them at the same time. He has the ethical problem of whether or not to tell the people he is working alongside that he is watching what they do and say, with an unknown of researching in mind. Inside researchers may fare no better, however in an important sense the moment they become a researcher. For example if an organization that the employee turn-over was very high. So as a researcher he can research what are the problems of high employee turnover.
Researching in a different part of organization is called outsider researcher. Outsider researchers can also experience boundary and later ethical conflict. For example his duties are when he gains entry to a particular research. For example a school under certain condition of confidentially and under requirement which give participants in the research t...

... middle of paper ... experience as well as some qualitative data. Designing survey instruments capable of generate credible data, however, can be difficult.
Observation relies on the researcher’s ability to gather data though their sense and allows researchers to document actual behavior rather than response related to behavior. However, the observed can act differently when survived and observation can be influenced by researchers worldwide.

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