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(Zikmund, 2003) states that exploratory research should be used to clarify ambiguous problems. Management may have discovered general problems but research is needed to gain better understanding of the dimensions of the problems.

This study aims at exploring and delving into the underlying factors of why organisations struggle to attract and retain talent using the employer brand. The challenges of talent management are well known and are applicable to all players, there is a possibility that other drivers are at play and therefore warrant the need to explore.

(Leedy & Ormond, 2005) asserts that qualitative research answers the questions we cannot skim across the surface. They focus on phenomena that occur in natural settings – the real world, “The talent war”. The field of talent management is relatively young, (Tarique & Schuler, 2010) recommend more qualitative methodologies to facilitate grounded theory building.

The first step in theory building, a level of knowledge that is verifiable by experience or observation, would be to further examine the challenges faced by organisations in using employer branding to attract and retain talent and explore the relationships within.

Exploratory research will assist in diagnosing the current situation of employer branding, assist in providing the insights, screening for alternatives and discovering new ideas of how to position and leverage off the employer brand to attract and retain identified talent.

A case study approach may be useful in learning more about a little known or poorly understood situation. It may be useful in investigating how an individual or program changes over time (the perception of the employer brand)

3.2 Survey research

(Leedy & Ormond, 2005) define s...

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...ts will be telling us what they believe is true or perhaps what the think we want to hear.

3.4 Sample size and method

The sample will be drawn from the eMNC based on level, age, seniority, job scope and experience.

• Non- probability(judgement) sampling will be used with employees who are not exposed to employer branding in their day to day activities

• Snowball sampling will be applied to suppliers, employees handling employer branding on a day to day basis as well as talent managers

3.5 Research limitations

A case study approach will be limited in generating or providing useful support for hypothesis if it is a single case, it becomes difficult to generalise the findings.

Survey questions

Is the employer brand known and noticeable?

Is the employer brand seen as relevant and resonant?

Is the employer brand differentiated from direct competitors?

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