Environmental Leadership of IBM

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Factor: Environmental Leadership of IBM IBM has not only succeeded in maintaining its competition in providing software, computer technology and systems integrators, but IBM also successfully managing its resource such as energy, water, and material, including waste product, thus offering environmentally friendly products and services which have been recognized by various parties and has received many awards (IBM Environment Report, 2012). IBM success is always related to the leadership style of it appointed CEO and management group. There are several appointed CEO with different leadership style since IBM established, such as Sam Palmisano, Larry Ellison, Randy MacDonald, and Thomas Watson. Different leadership style among CEO help IBM to adapt and overcome the challenges faced by providing different and fresh approach in leading IBM toward established vision and mission of the company. IBM has a long history of innovative leadership development and cross-discipline mentoring (IBM Corporate Responsibility, 2010). IBM values people who apply innovation and imagination to make the world a good place. This is because they feel have to remarkable leaders who can create high-performance work climates and foster employee engagement, where people who not only succeed but enable others doing the same thing. At the main of the general manager leadership development program is the ability to accelerate future leaders’ readiness to become integral share of IBM. Through the program, participants will be afforded key opportunities to develop and demonstrate the following leadership competencies, in addition to formal world-class consulting and the sales training. Leadership in IBM have play a vital role make the company known to be a multi... ... middle of paper ... ... E. (2008). Turning talent management into a competitive advantage: An industry view. IBM Global Services, Somers, NY: IBM Corporation. Retrieved from http://www-935.ibm.com/services/ us/gbs/bus/pdf/gbe03083-usen-talentpart3.pdf Rowe, G., &Najed, H. M. (2009). Strategic Leadership: Short-term stability and Long-term viability. Ivey Business Journal. Retrieve from http://iveybusinessjournal.com/topics/ leadership/strategic-leadership-short-term-stability-and-long-term viability#.UpSgxc QW2X8 Sheppard, P. (2002). Leading the turnaround: Lou Gerstner of IBM. Wharton Leadership Digest. Retrieved from http://leadership.wharton.upenn.edu/ digest/02-03.shtml The Global Human Capital Study 2008 (2007). Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce. IBM Global Services, Somers, NY: IBM Corporation. Retrived from http://www935. ibm.com/ services/us/gbs/bus/pdf/g510-6647-00.pdf

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