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In 1792, the Democratic Party was formed to draw attention to its anti-aristocratic policies. Then the Republican Party was formed in 1854, this appealed to those who placed national interest above sectional interest and above states’ rights. There are similarities and differences between the Republicans and Democrats historical evolution, changing viewpoints, and targeted demographics. Both parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, had evolved in the past. The Democratic Party was formed in the 1830s during the presidency of Andrew Jackson, due to supporters of Thomas Jefferson using the name Republicans, or Jefferson’s Republican. They called themselves “white man’s party”. Extending slavery to the western territories caused conflict …show more content…

It appealed to those who knew of Jeffersonian “republicanism”. They opposed slavery and rejected that Congress had the right to recognize slavery in the Southern position. They insisted on that Congress could abolish slavery and should do so. Then, Abraham Lincoln was elected presidency as a republican candidate but his prospects were weakened due to the prolonged agony of the Civil War; to gather more appeal he took the pro-war Tennessee Democrat Andrew Johnson as vice president. Later on, Lincoln was assassinated and so Johnson and the Republican Congress were head to head on who would control Reconstruction. Johnson wanted the Southern States back into the Union allowing them to entitle the status of blacks while the Congress wanted the federal government to insure black rights. In the end, the Republicans won and got control over the Reconstructions and passed the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution and had established military rule over the South until they met the criteria Congress has set down for their re-admittance. They also established a bi-racial coalition with the whites dominating and the blacks won hundreds of elected positions and appointed to many administrative positions. The white Southerners rallied under the banner of white supremacy and won some states peacefully by votes but Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina Democrats used violence and fraud to win. Later, the Northern Republicans lost interest in the South, so they left the race issue for the Southern Democrats to deal with, and became the party of business interests and President Rutherford B. Hayes ended

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  • Explains that the democratic party was formed in 1792 to draw attention to its anti-aristocratic policies, while the republican party in 1854 appealed to those who placed national interest above sectional interest and above states’ rights.
  • Explains that both parties, the republicans and the democrats, had evolved in the past. the northern and southern democrats had nominated candidates, stephen douglas and john c. breckinridge.
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