Poliical Parties in America

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Powerful. Representative. Influential. These are some of the various words that are utilized to describe how political parties have been and continue to be a dominating force in American politics. Political parties have established organization throughout society by creating a two party system, the Democrats and the Republicans, within institutions as well as the general public. Over the years, political parties have been an essential aspect of American politics and have given American citizens an opportunity to express their opinions. Political parties provide all eligible citizens the opportunity to participate in politics by selecting a party that best defines and implements their views. In addition, political parties play an important role in educating American citizens and encouraging them to vote. Political parties also allow America to sustain a democratic form of government, in which the people have a voice that matters. The formation of political parties has contributed to America becoming a democracy and has helped to ensure that America does not develop into a dictatorship. Therefore, political parties are beneficial for American politics and have a positive impact on society by uniting and organizing Americans with similar political viewpoints, mobilizing voters, and striving to maintain a democracy to protect America from a dictatorship.
One reason political parties have a positive effect on American politics is that they unite and organize Americans that share similar viewpoints on a variety of political issues. Political parties allow Americans to select a party that demonstrates their personal values/beliefs and articulates their views on ways to overcome the issues facing America. Murray S. Stedman, J...

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