Similarities And Differences Of Democrats And Republicans, Democrats Vs. Republicans

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The United States of America has two political parties, Democrats and Republicans. The parties were created back in the 1800s and have become their own.The parties are both part of the American government, but they do not believe the same way. The differences in the parties are their beliefs in social issues. The disagreement between the two have been around since they were created. Although the political parties do not agree on social issues, they both want what is best for citizens in the United States. Without the two parties, America would not not have a way to tell their opinions. Democrats and Republicans have many similarities and differences. The history of the Republican and Democrat changed around the time of the Civil War. The Republican Party came into existence just prior to the Civil War and was created because of their…show more content…
In their own separate ways, they both want to make America a wonderful place to live. They both fight for what they believe in and want to help their country. They both try to convince everyone that they are the ones who are right and the best. They try to make everyone be on their side just to prove they are right. They both will do whatever it takes to get in the White House. They do not care if they have to lie or cheat; they will win over the country. Sometimes they both cause more problems then there should be. Just because they fight and think they are right does not mean they do not want what is best for America. Democrats and Republicans both want what is best for the people living their country. Citizens might not see how they are trying to help, but it was what the parties were created for. Everyone could not get along, so they created two different parties to try to find a way for everyone to have a place to belong. Both parties have their good and their bad, but they have not found a way to get
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