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Question 1: What did you learn from the meeting with your Project Mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your Project Mentor? I believed that the mentor has played a very important role during my Research and Analysis Report (RAP). I have benefited from his guidance through out my RAP from choice of topic up till the presentation of my report; which allows me to work confidentially. His guidance to direct my approach proved very helpful to use my time efficiently. I consider mentor’s advice plays an important role as if I succeeded to lay a firm foundation the rest of my project work will be likely to be right on track. I’ve discussed my list of topics with my mentor in relevance with my interest and knowledge also considered my future preferences, my mentor gave his thoughts and highlight some potential benefits and limitations on short listed topics. Selecting an organization is next step where I have many choices I was looking for some organization which can be an exciting option my mentor help me to reach decision, I have discussed the limitation of selecting a competitors of different business size. My mentor has advised me about critical conceptual areas which helped me for planning, complete and monitor my work on this RAP and this will help me in my future for planning any project management. My mentor also highlighted some limitations of approach and method used in my research to avoid any mistake in my research or report writing. I have learned to use some advance features of computer software which I was not aware , I am more conversant of my computer skill now by using them for preparing my RAP, My mentor shows me advance use of very basic computer software i.e. excel which make the action compl... ... middle of paper ... ...oking for reliable data for my research report. It realise me the significance of work with reference which has a high level of credibility. I can see the positive effects of this research work in my professional life, this experience have relevance with what ever field I choose to carry on, e.g. financial management, accountancy, auditing etc. I have managed this report independently which shows that I am ready to undertake independent assignments in industry. I can manage the stress and pressure of the workload and have ability to complete it with in timeframe by producing good quality work. I have enhance my computer skills and get chance to explore some very useful feature which I other wise may not have used; these features increase productivity and quality of my work. I also come across some industry relevant software which I am planning to get training on.
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