The Importance Of My College Career

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During the course of my college career I have discovered that it takes more than just completing assignments and attending classes to be a student worthy of the instruction one receives from a professor. It takes dedication, ethics, and a drive that comes from within to be a leader. One that others in the student population can look up to and model their academic career like; one that professors are pleased to have in their class. It has been my goal these years to be a student like this, and I have kept my drive towards this achievement action orientated at all times. I have been proactively working to keep my GPA at a high mark while attending school and it has helped me along the way to read excerpts from Drive, by Daniel H. Pink. In his…show more content…
I am scheduled to graduate as one of the students in the top of my class this spring. After that I will be registering for classes for my Master’s Degree in Information Technology that I will be taking this coming fall. I currently am, and have been for each semester in attendance at Middle Ga State University, on the Dean’s List as my academic record is one of high quality and superior grades. My leadership, team orientation, and communication skills are very high, and my ethics code is one that is morally accurate. These valuable life skills will help me to achieve my educational goal and mentor others with an academic plan that will also lead them in the right direction during the course of their…show more content…
I am privileged to call several of these professors mentors. These mentors have given me valuable insight into how to achieve my goals, and I have modeled my academic career after their own prestigious achievements and accomplishments. They have helped me to develop a plan for my future that will enable me to overcome any obstacles that I may come across while striving for degree. It has been my pleasure to know and learn from each and every one of them as they have made me a better student, and a respectable person in my

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