Renewable Energy Essay

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The Infinite Possibilities of Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is the future of the world. This is seemingly the best-kept secret of the twenty-first century. In this day and age humans are more wasteful than ever, with no regard for the future ecology of the Earth. The different types of extremely harmful fossil fuels that humans use are contaminating the ozone layer and destroying the quality of life that they have grown quite accustomed to. Although fossil fuels are relatively inexpensive compared to most of the renewable energy resources that are attempting to make a name for themselves in society, they can have massive polluting effects that are ultimately detrimental to the present, and future, state of the world. Fossil fuels are classified as non-renewable sources of energy, which are resources of economic value that cannot be readily replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption. This means that no matter how ‘inexpensive’ these fossil fuels are, they will never be able to be restored naturally or efficiently, therefore causing major problems for the Earth. The most common examples of fossil fuels include oil, natural gas, and coal. Coal is the most widely used fossil fuel on Earth but it is all but certain it will ‘run out of stock’ in around 45 years. This is just one example that shows how these non-renewable sources of energy that take over billions of years to form cannot be sustained in the near future unless society turns to cleaner renewable energy resources that may just save the Earth as we know it. If humans do not realize how harmful these fossil fuels are (and have been for years) to the world soon, then the effects could be irreparable and humans could be stuck on a planet surrounded by...

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...rth. In fact, it actually produces ten percent of the United States’ energy (Duncan 212; Davis 212).
As has been noted, renewable energy resources can seriously impact society as a whole and provide for a safer and cleaner environment. Although renewable energy resources are usually more expensive than non-renewable energy resources, their benefits on the world outweigh any cost difference or accessibility concerns. Fossil fuels play an active role in polluting lands and the air that humans breathe, and for that reason they should be eliminated and replaced by renewable energy resources in the near future. Slowly but steadily the non-renewable resources that humans use everyday are disappearing, but they can put a stop to it by using renewable energy resources such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower energy. Renewable energy is the future of the world.
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