Florence's Market in the Renaissance

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During the Renaissance, Florence profited from a mercantile economy due to the guilds, the quality and variety of goods and the style and management of the market place.


Through historical and economic data this research paper will express how Florence flourished from a mercantile economy in the Renaissance.


The Renaissance was the rebirth of Europe and it all started in the city of Florence. Florence and everything that made a standard Renaissance city: painters, sculptors, writers, architects, and a vivid culture. Soon all of Europe would follow in Florence’s footsteps and “the setting is so rich, varied, rambunctious, and inventive as Italy in the Renaissance” (Cohen 1). The painters and sculptors defined Renaissance culture and could actually make a living because they were being sponsored.

The Renaissance was the age of the merchants and because of the merchants the economies and culture rose. The Renaissance is remembered by many people for the works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Raphael. What many people do not know about the Renaissance is that the textile industry was more famous and profitable than the painter industry. Florence was the place to get any of your goods because of its location. Merchants went to Florence to sell their unique goods, buy, sell, or make cloth, and attend the guilds.

Florence was the trend-setter of the Renaissance, whatever they did everyone else wanted to do because Florence was very successful. “No great city has ever been built far from the water… [Florence] was now more vulnerable, but it had easy access to an important trade route. It had good communications by river to the west, and practicable passes through the mountains ...

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...ll come to buy things. The markets still sell the same things like food and clothing but they also sell collectibles, souvenirs, and leather items. Florence’s markets still sell things you never seen before just like the merchant’s did in the Renaissance. Florence’s leather, silk, and cloth items are still popular around the world. “U.S. importers set a high value on Florence's products, and tourists spend freely in its fashionable shops” (Florence). The quality of goods is has still withstood the years and Florence is still well-known for its leather and silks. The owner’s of the stalls in the markets still like to haggle about the price of their goods and some of them feel insulted if you do not haggle with them. Florence’s start in the Renaissance as the Renaissance city has served them throughout the years and are they still one of the top cities in the world.
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