Religion: Difference Between Religion Vs. Spirituality

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engage an ordinary man who has not taken vows, or novices but who are preparing to take vows. Difference between spirituality and religion: - Religion Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary: defines religion as, "A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith." Religion Religion is one of the basic needs of a human being. It is a program for doing good. It is usually not perceived, understood as any self-changing experience..................Religious teachings essentially have a solid scriptural, pastoral authority with an ethical and moral nature. Here a believer never enjoys the freedom to see, think, feel or decide independently without guilt and misgiving. Functions of Religion, 1. It brings a sense of security,…show more content…
It makes it easy to beg praying! 4. It makes it possible to shift responsibility and burden on to the priests, or in the theory of Karma, or seek comfort from confession. Religion VS Spirituality 1. The basis of any religion is fear and greed, whereas spiritual search is seldom driven by fear or greed. A truly spiritual person does not feel the need to follow any belief system, rules of God/ commandments, doctrine, scriptural authority or rituals that are put forward by a religion. Here the quest is an independent one, devoid of any mediator; solely dependent on one's own efforts. 2. Religion is a collective phenomenon but spirituality is 'a fight of the alone to the alone'. It is a solitary search for truth. This search is individualized, personal, so methods are equally personal and unique. 3. Religion is God - centered. Spirituality is person - centered, here the seeker is the clay, the sculptor and the final image, all in one. Meditation, awareness, sincere effort and a trusting/ believing heart make up the spiritual discipline ----Sadhana. 4. Religion encourages lack of selfishness- altruism! Spirituality is concerned mainly with 'being' than 'doing' - to be truly and fully one with the self and the other is not of any

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