Essay On The Da Vinci Code

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The influential aspects of any religion have the power to dictate how the lives of those people who choose to follow it will be lived. However, people become consumed by their faith, which has the ability to result in constructive actions or created havoc. In The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Silas becomes a consumption of his faith and creates havoc through an assortment of ways. Through his corrupted actions in order to succeed in protecting the faith he believes in, Silas often harms people in selfish reasoning. Due to the miraculous actions of Bishop Aringarosa that saved Silas’ life, Silas feels the need to perform whatever the Bishop asks of him. Although some things contradict his beliefs, Silas disregards them and goes as far as to sin. People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks is a novel about a Jewish Codex and its journey during different times in history as well as the people who protect the scripture against governmental forces such as the Nazi regime, in hopes of unlocking the mystery behind the book. Over time, the people who had the chance to handle the Haggadah understood the significance and power that the book possessed. Although they were not Jewish, they respected the religion so much so that they risked their lives to go against other’s beliefs and protect the precious book. Religion has the power to not only shape the mind of characters, but to dramatically influence their actions. Secrets play a significant role and are necessary in order to control chaos and provide faith in a community. In both novels religion has a direct impact on the way people live as well as their ethical beliefs and actions. Religion has a great influence on people, providing faith and direction to each individual while controlling a co... ... middle of paper ... taken to the extent of life or death due to the importance religion has in one’s life. The use of secrets to protect harmful truths or opposing powers that create harm the prestige of a religion is also a common action that is believed to be necessary to keep balance within a community. The constant influential attributes that religion possess can dictate the actions that somebody with perform. It is viewed solely as a positive system that creates peace between beings, however religion obtains negative factors that also negatively influence believers. People tend to turn to religion as the answer for the unknown as well as allowing it to dictate the majority of aspects in a human’s life. This prevents people from deciding their own unique path in life and disabling them from further educating themselves about available answers to questions they are unaware of.