The Importance Of Religion And Spirituality

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Throughout society today, religion and spirituality are greatly prominent and its importance of its role is no exception. Religion is a vital aspect of life for many people around the world. Perhaps some of those who are not religious thinks that it is important. This may be due to the fact that society needs religion. Collectively, we profit from our religious beliefs. Many could argue that religion would be a missing link in society and we would not function without it. Religion promotes critical virtues in which are important in society such as truth, love, non-violence and discipline. Those who follow a religion internalises these virtues and becomes a disciplined member in the modern society (Eva, 2016). “Religious instruction and belief…show more content…
However, religion is also considered as an upwards force in which “forms human thought and behaviour and frames the way in which individuals and society interact.” The pivotal role in which spirituality forms in today’s society is that it makes true virtues possible. Since morality alone is incapable to stabilise people’s minds and hearts. Furthermore, different cultures have alternating judgements of values. A statement from the survey conducted highlights the importance of spirituality within one’s life; “Self-belief in yourself and your journey of inner harmony.” This interpretation reflects the role spirituality holds within society and how important having values and a personal quest for achieving Spirituality is defined by the Australian Psychological Society (2009) as the “human quest for meaning, purpose and transcendence, with religion explaining the convictions, traditions shared practices of a faith community.” This reiterates the importance of spirituality’s role and is correlation with the virtues of religion as mentioned…show more content…
Thus, these worded questions have not been included in the appendices however as the responses are varied. However, my third question proposed “How important is religion to you?” The general consensus was that religion is only partially important, with some respondents replying that it has no bearing on their lives while a minority stated it is vital. Moreover, respondents were asked to give a concise summary of religion’s and spirituality’s differences. The most notable statement provided entailed “Religion shares beliefs between many human beings, spirituality is personal - only a connection between yourself and serenity”. This is imperative to religion since its role in society is to express common beliefs practiced by a collective community, whilst many believed spirituality is where the moral values and guides an individual lives by is reflected in their lives fulfilling

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