The Relationship Between Spirituality And Religion

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Introduction and Thesis: Spirituality and religion have played a significant role in establishing an individual’s internal and external beliefs, responses, and actions throughout life. Personal experiences and relationships have influenced the definition and understanding of spirituality and religion. People have identified with being spiritual and religious, spiritual and not religious, religious and not spiritual, or neither spiritual or religious. There are alternative views of spirituality and religion and their definitions change as attitudes toward religion and spirituality continue to evolve. When examining my own view of spirituality and religion, I identify as being spiritual and religious. I think the relationship between spirituality…show more content…
563). As I became more disconnected with the institutional approach to religion, I continued to seek and explore spiritual ideals. My idea of spirituality mirrors Duncan S. Ferguson’s (2010) explanation, “Spirituality is the effort to fully utilize the relevant elements of our religious traditions and other religious traditions as our guidance in life, leading us to our development as persons growing toward wholeness, insight, joy, and responsible living” (p.…show more content…
My religious journey has taught me about the love of God, the power of prayer, compassion for others, and developed a sense of community and belonging. My spiritual journey has made me more aware of living in the present, social injustices, being accepting and open, and finding meaning in life. I have maintained the ideals and practices of my religious experience that best fit my beliefs and values while exploring and developing my spiritual journey. It is important to educate myself on religious and nonreligious beliefs and how society definition of these terms is also progressing. These definitions continue to be discussed and are influenced by social
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