Relationship Skills

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A relationship is what we choose to have with a family member, friend, significant other, and/or a person that we just have met. You should know that there should be a strong connection or bond for the relationship to grow in many levels. Relationships tend to vary from impersonal to personal. A description of an impersonal relationship is someone who does not care and explicit a lack of concern to anyone they are communicating with. In personal relationships, people do care about each other and share their thoughts and feelings. In my life, I allowed myself to become aware of what needs to be done to improve my relationship skills. I am still in the process of making those changes. To maintain an ongoing successful relationship, you should have good communication skills, effective listening skills, own your feelings, send clear messages, make a commitment and take responsibility by coming from an adult place rather than a child place or a parent place. In my first skill application paper, we were told to write about how we can enhance our listening skills and what we’ve been doing to become aware of it. It seemed like I was writing just a step by step process of listening and didn’t show that I understood the concept of it. In this paper, I’m going to give thorough examples to show how those skills were applied and if it was working for me. Communication is the most important element to a healthy relationship. We can create a healthy relationship by contriving empathy and trust towards others. My methods of communication have not been effective because I would be very hesitant to what I was going to say to certain people. In my past relationship, I got into a heated argument with my ex-boyfriend. I got so furious with him beca... ... middle of paper ... ...rced. In my culture, getting divorced does not cross our minds and is unspeakable! My boyfriend and I have a committed relationship but we don’t really think about that too much. I do believe we’re all destined to be with that one person in life but I’m not guaranteed that he’ll be the one. The only thing I can do is be hopeful and pray about it. My relationship skills have its ups and downs. It depends on who you’re with and how the person treats you. If you withhold your feelings the relationship will be weak. We all want to maintain an ongoing relationship but it won’t happen until we become aware that things need to change. I became aware that different areas of my relationship needed to change and I know for sure I still need to work on them. Once we make sense of it, our relationships with our significant other and/or friend will grow in different levels.
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