Relational Database Model Analysis

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Data management is one of the grey areas that every organization endeavors to improve almost daily. Most important is the data cleaning and data transformation processes. In actual sense, relational database offers a solution to this menace. Data organization, keeping, storage, and retrieval among other essentials can easily be realized by adopting relational data management model. In this kind of model, tables are made use of in such a way that data items are formally described and organized according to their level of relations. The data item contained in a given table represents a relation. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that through the use of relational database model, an organization can be able to effectively manage their wide range of information encountered on a daily basis. Relational database model offers a more efficient means of managing data. Some of the huge benefits are discussed as follows.
This model is very unique and provides very sufficient means of data management. Its benefits are manifested in diverse ways wh...

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