Database Systems and Data Management

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction 3

2. Data Management 3

2.1 Database 3

2.2 Database Systems 3

2.2.1 Requirement modeling 4

2.2.2 Schema design : 4

2.2.3 Implementation 4

2.3 Project 4

3. Data Mining 5

3.1 Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ITCS 6162) 5

3.1.1 Association rules 6

3.1.2 Classification 7

3.1.3 Clustering 7 Partitioning methods 8 Hierarchical methods 8

3.1.4 Anomaly Detection 8 Graphical based 9 Statistical based 9 Distance based 9

3.2 Knowledge Based Systems (ITCS 6155) 9

3.2.1 Information Systems 9

3.2.2 Query Languages and their Semantics 10

3.2.3 Project 11

4. Conclusion 12

5. References 12

1. Introduction

Databases always used to fascinate me from my under graduation with great curiosity to know how large data is managed and queried. This led me to do Masters in computer science concentrating in the field of Data Management. In the course of my study, I understood the concepts of DBMS which provides a robust and efficient way of managing and mining data. Through the courses like Database Systems (ITCS 6160), Knowledge Discovery in Databases(ITCS 6162) and Knowledge Based Systems(ITCS 6155) I gained enough theoretical and practical knowledge about the importance of proper organization of data, good techniques to build an efficient database management system and how well the data can be managed.

2. Data Management

2.1 Database

As defined by Kroenke Database is an integrated, self-describing collection of related data. Data is stored in a uniform way, typically all in one place- for example, a single physical computer. A database maintains a description of the data it contains and the data has some relationship to other data in the databa...

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...gement to the advanced level topics. I added to my knowledge about the use of Databases, Knowledge Discovery in Databases and the role database plays in maintaining authentication, confidentiality and integrity. The courses like KDD and KBS were challenging as majority of concepts under KDD are still under research and have not come to practice yet.

The references are mentioned below. Apart from the course work, I had chance to interact with many students and professors which helped me in gaining lot of knowledge and confidence.

5. References




4. Lecture notes on Database systems by Li-Shiang Tsay and Wensheng Wu

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