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    Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. In short Database Management System is knows as DBMS. DBMS is a system that is uses a standard method of cataloguing, retrieving and running queries data. The DBMS operate to manage incoming data, then organizes it, and provides ways for the data to be modified or extracted by users or other programs. Information Retrieval System or IR is finding material (usually documents) of

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    The Database Databases are becoming as common in the workplace as the stapler. Businesses use databases to keep track of payroll, vacations, inventory, and a multitude of other taske of which are to vast to mention here. Basically businesses use databases anytime a large amount of data must be stored in such a manor that it can easily be searched, categorized and recalled in different means that can be easily read and understood by the end user. Databases are used extensively where I work. In fact

  • Database Encryption In Database Security

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    data at rest. This paper focuses on Database encryption for database security, different methods and levels of database encryption and its advantages over other methods of data protection. It also discusses on the performance issues associated with data encryption and best practices to minimize the performance over head on the database server due to encryption. 2. Database security - Encryption: Database security is securing the data on a centralized database against the compromises of their confidentiality

  • Database And SQL

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    A database is an ordered collection of data that usually can be accessed through many different ways. A databases most important function is retrieving information. But Databases also have many other functions pertaining to information, including being able to sort, store, and locate information. The easier a database can access information the more effective the database is. Most of todays complex databases are found on a computer. SQL is the Structured Query Language. A database and SQL help communicate

  • Aspects of Databases

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    Aspects of Databases The concept of what is a database is not exactly taxing in theory, but sometimes it is difficult to visualise what one is. The easiest example that you will be aware of is that little book full of all your friends telephone numbers and addresses. For each of the entries you will record the name, address and telephone number of each person in the book. What you have done is to create a "record" of that person's details, so when you fill in one entry you create 1 record

  • Database Analysis : Java Database Connectivity

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    application in the real world needs to interact with databases. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is the Application Programming Interface (API) used to build Java applications that can interact with relational databases. There are many relational databases such as Oracle, My SQL, DB2, Java DB, Dbase, Sybase, Ingress, Informix, FoxPro and so on. The researcher will be able to use the four types of JDBC drivers to interact with any kind of database in the world. In this iteration, the researcher also

  • Database for Library

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    track of who has books and who doesn't, she also needs to be able to do this quickly and with ease. Possible solutions ================== Her possible solutions are: creating a database, a spreadsheet, a manual card system, or a written list of who has what. Disadvantages ============= Database and spreadsheet - Computer could break and information will be lost, someone could also hack into the system, also, if the system got a virus then the information could become damaged

  • Database Development

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    Network Upgrade In order to resolve network related problems The Airframe Corporation (TAC) has decided to upgrade the existing network consisting of a mix of Token Ring and shred Ethernet hubs to a switched Ethernet network. The purpose of this paper is to discuss several aspects of the project plan for the upgrade. This discussion will be made in threes sections. Section one will include project definition, while section two will deal with work breakdown structure and estimated schedules, and section

  • Relational Databases And Non Rational Databases

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    During my research, I discovered three database trends. The first trend bridges relational and non-rational databases together. The second trend offers databases in the cloud as a service. Lastly, the third trend is the focus for increased database security. Each trend aims to improve databases and the capabilities and services that they provide due to increasing demand and expanding needs. The author discusses while relational databases will be around for quite a while, their overall peak may

  • Essay On Database Security

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    Database Security: Database security is a critical Domain of Computer and Information Security that deals with protection of an individual database or group of database from illegal access, injections or possible destruction. Data can be a customer's information, intellectual property, financial asset or any number of other records that can be maintained and managed on a system. Without Database security people are at risk of identity fraud, theft, destruction of property and much worse. The global

  • Disadvantages Of A Database System

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    1. What is database? A prearranged collection of figures known as data is called database. 2. What is DBMS? It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a Database. 3. What is a Database system? The database and DBMS software together is called as Database system. 4. What is RDBMS ? RDBMS are database management systems that maintain data records and indices in tables. 5. What are the advantages of DBMS? Redundancy is controlled. Unauthorised access is restricted.

  • Taco Bell Database

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    level of TACO Bell is Hiring manager. The hiring manager requires the data of the employee who work at Taco bell. On the next level will be a manager who looks after the inventory. Inventory management requires a database which works efficiently. So, at this level the use of the database is must. At the next level the data requirement of the cashier is different from others. The next level of data requirement is for the drive-away customers. To start off with by

  • Relational Database Analysis

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    of databases most individual’s minds go to a relational database. Where data is stored in tables and they are inter-related to one another by the use of primary and foreign keys. The increased interest on big data has caused some companies to forgo the standard RDBMS in favor of a system that would better suit their needs. This is where NoSQL comes into play. NoSQL – or “Not Only SQL” – uses different data structures to house data. These structures could look similar to a relational database but

  • web and database attacks

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    Within the past decade, there has been a tremendous growing need for web servers and databases; also their related service and the two concepts have hit the headlines as the most researched knowledge domains in the technology sphere. Subsequently, this has revolutionized the way many people interact with one another through effective information sharing. This rapid spread and the management effectiveness of advanced technologies are establishing great opportunities for development of distributed

  • Deductive Database Systems

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    Description about the database:- Deductive database systems are database management systems which are basically designed around a logical model of data. In this type of database systems deductions are made based on the rules and facts stored in the database. We use a language called Datalog which are typically used to specify facts,rules and queries in database. Deductive Database is an advanced form of relational database. When we compare deductive database with relational database we can find that deductive

  • Databases

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    Databases Databases are used on a daily basis amongst nearly every industry in the world. Regardless of what job function you currently work you can expect that the data you are using or inputting is coming from or being stored in some type of database. To understand databases you may want to consider how they impact your career, if they are consider enterprise tools, how they are designed and the effort required to do so, and the database architecture. Why this course will be important to your

  • Relation Database Memorandum

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    The reason for this memorandum is to kindly request you to approve the project that I have started so that I may proceed. A relational database is paramount to the company since it will help in solving some of the problem facing the company and aid in improving the business. A relation database is a compilation of items arranged as a collection of formally-described tables organized in a manner that data can be reassembled into different ways or accessed without distorting the rest of the data

  • Database Simulation

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    TRANSLATION: Database and DBMS The database is a collection of data stored systematically inside a computer that can be processed or manipulated using an application program to generate useful information. The database is an important aspect of the information system because it functions as a data warehouse where the stored data will be processed further. The database can organize data, avoid duplicate data, avoid unclear data relationships as well as complex updates. The process of retrieving

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Database

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    What is a database? A database contains a variety of data which are structurally placed in order. They can easily be manipulated, accessed and viewed e.g. a dictionary, timetable or telephone book. A database is like a bank, were you either retrieving the money as well as storing it or you just simply view the amount. In this database what we can identify are the table, record, field and field value. Firstly the table also known as the File, highlighted in green this contains e.g. record of the

  • High Availability of Database System

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    Title : High availability of database system High availability of database system, in which unplanned downtime is no more than seconds or only a relatively few minutes per year, is frequently a key objective in a data protection strategies, and one of the keystones of business continuity. However, an too much emphasis on high availability can lead to problems with data preservation (all the money goes into keeping the systems up and very little goes into preventing data loss when they go down)