Rehab: An Persuasive Speech For The Day To Day Life

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I grew up with an alcoholic and drug user father. Ever since I was little my father would drink and smoke pot when he came home from work to deal with his anxiety and depression. I only knew him as an angry, passive aggressive person, and when my mom sat me down at 12 and told me they were getting divorced, I didn’t understand why. In the next 2 years, I learned what addiction was. I learned why my father was so cold and detached from society. When my father finally hit rock bottom and went to rehab I was scared for him. Since then, I wanted to know what made my father act the way he did and how he developed his addiction. I wanted to know everything I could about life in rehab centers and what goes on behind closed doors. I wanted to understand…show more content…
You will never accept help if you don’t admit you have a problem. The only way you will get better is if you want to. You have to want to get better for yourself and for the people that love you, otherwise, your lack of motivation will bring you down. Some people never address their addiction and will live the rest of their life with it affecting everyone around them. Others will finally hit rock bottom and realize that the only way to prevent themselves from going to jail or dying, is to go to rehab and receive the help they need. To get the right help, you have to know if your addiction is severe enough. Everyone’s addiction is different but if you suffer from, lack of control around the substance, desire to quit but unable, spending a lot of time trying to get the substance, cravings, dangerous use, worsening situations, and withdrawal. Researchers say if you experience more than 3 of these symptoms you could suffer from mild substance abuse disorder and should seek help to get sober. Once you address that you need help, you have to find the best treatment center for you. There are many centers that help with different addictions. For example, eating disorders, Self-harm, drug and alcohol use, and others. If you have a severe addiction, quitting cold turkey would be very difficult and most likely, wouldn’t work. Not only do you have to get rid of the physical dependence, but you also have to change the way

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