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PSYCHOLOGY 101: Understanding Biological Psychology

There are three theoretical perspectives in psychology that attempt to explain human behavior.
The three perspectives are: Evolutionary Psychology, Behavioral Genetics, and Behavioral Neuroscience.
These perspectives have been researched extensively in an effort to explain the complex sum of behavior and the mind drives human beings act the way they do. The three perspectives of psychology all have valid theories based on research, I believe all three directly influence human behavior in a specific way.
Evolutionary psychology is a perspective that processes human nature as a grouping of evolved psychological adaptations to consistently resurfacing problems in the environments of our ancestors. The bottom line is we are shaped by the our ancestors who in turn were shaped by the environment they lived in. Our ancestors passed on a mind that evolved with adaptive behavior that was geared to solve problems in order to survive. Human beings possess natural selection which is defined as something that will improve an organism’s chance of survival. Natural selection is behavioral and physical adaptations we used to live in a specific environment. Human beings have had several options when presented with problems with the current living conditions: first, move to a different location; second, change the environment some way and third, go extinct. Since we are still in existence and thriving today is a testament to our ability to use our minds and behavior to overcome problems. Adaptations are not conscious decisions that we deliberately make, it is something that is built physically and behaviorally without knowledge to survive. If we were...

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...tural selection and fitness. Under Behavioral Neuroscience, humans have the same nerves, brain, and neurological make up. But no two people are really the same brain or nerves because they affect each person differently by producing unique behavior. Lastly, Behavior Genetics examines heritability of traits and how genes passed on that influence human behavior. Behaviors with family members can identify trends of behavior but they are not always accurate. The human body is a complex organism and is like a car in a way. When something is wrong, you have to diagnosis it because there are hundreds of things that are affect poor performance or when something is not working properly. The same diagnosis applies to human behavior, I believe human behavior is situation dependent and all three theoretical perspectives play a part in how we behave.
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