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The AA meeting I attended took place at a church. The church that holds the meeting has a beginner AA meeting that meets Monday nights at 7 pm. However, I decided to go to the regularly meeting which takes place an hour later at 8 pm. I felt as though I would get more out of the regular meetings and get a sense of what regular AA members talk about. Before arriving at the meeting, I was a little anxious because I felt like as though I would be out of place, and I would be intruding on the members who come to the meetings for support. Also before attending, for some unknown reason, I imagined the meeting would to be similar to AA meeting featured in movies. Contrary to what I thought, the meeting was completely different. When I arrived at …show more content…

Addicts suffering from alcoholism should make the effort to join an AA meeting. I believe meetings can truly help addicts become successful in their recovery. As evidenced by the members of the group I observed, meeting with fellow addicts who understand and has lived through the struggles of addiction, AA meeting is a great resource. Not too long ago, I had a hard time deciding my feelings of people with substance abuse. I strongly felt that this was a choice, however, at the same time, a small part of myself understood that this was a disease. As I have been learning more about substance use, I have been more on the side that substance abuse is a disease. After attending the AA meeting, it was confirmed for me that addiction is a disease. Although it may start out as a poor choice, it ultimately is a disease that affects that brain. Listening to the speakers, I felt really bad about my negative activities towards substance use. I know longer believe that addicts have the choice to completely stop their addiction. They need help from others to overcome the disease. Programs such as AA provides the fellowship that addicts need in recovering from

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the aa meeting they attended at a church. they felt out of place and intruded on the members who come to the meetings for support.
  • Describes how the meeting was well organized, with coffee, cookies, and iced tea available. the leader emphasized that aa is not a place for judgment, bias, or prejudice.
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