Challenges and Strategies of Timed Essay Writing

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Reflective Academic Paper Writing a timed essay can be nerve racking, time consuming, and accompanied by many trial and errors such as an art project. First step is quickly generating an idea which can be the biggest challenge of all. Then you have to decide on what evidence to incorporate and its correct placement. You begin to throw colors and shapes together, or in this case details and evidence, in hopes that it will transform into a pleasing design. Being challenged to create an artwork, whether it be an essay of painting, in sixty minutes becomes extra pressure. After a month into school, I was able to experience the dreadful event of generating an essay during the class period. Being faced with this challenge has not only helped …show more content…

Having a limited amount of time, I did not allow myself to spend much time on one concept. This lead to a noticeable mistake. For example, in the second paragraph, I wrote, “members have different perspective, ideas, and solutions,” but never explained my reasoning as to why. It is noticeable I rambled on about differences in perspectives without giving an actual analysis or links back to the thesis. Without an analysis, the reader will think of the writer as an unreliable source. In the future, I will take my time with stating my idea and then move on to providing an analysis as to why I believe just concept along with evidence as …show more content…

When an essay is scattered, it exposes the author’s difficulty to construct the paper which will cause the reader trouble to understand the main ideas of the author. Although there are errors in my introduction and conclusion, my body paragraphs display the organizational patterns that should have been used throughout the essay. For example, paragraph four starts with a clear main point, provides relevant information with two separate examples, and then ends by linking it all to the thesis statement. By providing a well-structured paragraph, the reader was able to read with ease and follow the flow of my idea. When the time comes for writing another timed essay, I will remember to create an essay with easy movement by referring to the M.E.A.L structure. After finishing the timed writing, I surprisingly found the prompt and the range of provided texts in my comfort level. From listening to previous students discuss how falling the WPJ will result in an extra course and the time constraint, I entered the classroom a little worried. Since there were more than two texts as references, I was able to read them all and decided which ones best fit my arguments. As for the time constraint, I stuck to a fifteen-minute brainstorm, forty-minute draft, and five-minute

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that writing a timed essay can be nerve racking, time consuming, and accompanied by many trial and errors such as an art project.
  • Analyzes how they failed to incorporate background information, an attention getter, and a thesis into their introduction.
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