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One great example of a major change within on of my group settings is with my friend group. This major change happened when I graduated from college and I no longer was with my group of friends all of the time. While in school, we lived together and did everything together. We would spend almost all day with each other. However, when we graduated we all moved back home, which was all over the east coast. Three of us lived in three different parts of New Jersey, while one lived in Rhode Island, one in New York, and the other in Pennsylvania. We went from seeing each other non stop to only being able to all be together a few times during the year. Although it was upsetting, we had to learn how to communicate in different ways. We also…show more content…
As I mentioned, I am the person they go to first when they have questions or concerns before they ask management. They sometimes feel embarrassed or scared to talk to management so they ask me to help them first. Many times if I cannot help, I try to talk to management with them so they feel more comfortable. Not only do I help when it comes to work situations, many of the girls talk to me about other things in their life. I am older than a majority of them and they feel comfortable talking to me. I’ve had many conversations about their family, school, or boyfriends and I try to give them the best advice possible. I think that quality is also what is my most helpful behavior in all of the groups. No matter what setting or what role I am in, I am always someone who is willing to be there for others. I know many people know that I am a caring person that is always open to talk. If they need help or advice I think everyone knows that I would do anything that I can to assist them. I also always try my best to be uplifting and a positive person. I would hope that when others see me and are around me, I make their day a little bit
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