Nonfiction Reflective Essay Examples

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Shelbi Gambrell
Nonfiction Reflection
The nonfiction genre allows the reader and writer to learn about a topic they particularly enjoy or one that they know nothing about. I learned that the nonfiction genre can become an enjoyable, hands-on experience. Our classroom environment opened my eyes to various ways to have a writer make nonfiction writing their own. Writer’s have the ability to find a topic they want to learn more about and it gives them an outlet to teach others. Student are able to use prior knowledge to develop an idea about a certain topic and create a piece with factual information. I learned that factual information can easily sound like it comes straight out of a textbook, but after learning about the different ways it relates
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This topic should be one that they feel comfortable talking about and one they consider important. I know that my students will need to be first be exposed to different examples of the nonfiction genre. I will do several read alouds with my students followed by a discussion about the author’s choice in layout of the information and how the author used text features to inform the audience. Students will then have to decide what their purpose of their writing will be. During this stage I will have my students learn about research and how to detect good information. This will allow them to find purpose in looking up information and gathering data for their writing. They can choose their purpose to be to inform, instruct, narrate, persuade, or respond. After selecting their purpose, students need to determine their audience as well as how they will relate the topic to their audience. Students will then decide how they will use text features to inform the reader. They will use the examples from the read alouds or other nonfiction books to determine how they will arrange their text features. Throughout the entire process I want to create an environment that lets my students know that I believe in them and that are capable of reaching the caliber of the authors in the read alouds. My students will feel comfortable sharing about their individualized writing process
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