Reflective Essay About School Experience

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As a writer I’ve came across many struggles with writing, struggles that have kept me from finding the joy of doing it. During the summer of 2016, I took part in a great opportunity offered by Coppin state University to gain college credits and get ahead of the other incoming freshmen for the 2016- 2017 school year. The program was called SASA (Summer Academic Success Academy). Within this program, I was offered the chance to take English Composition 101. I walked into English Composition 101 with a great deal of confidence. I felt prepared with the help of the college prep English course I took my senior year in high school. In the college prep course, I was able to learn about the many important steps that must be taken when trying to initiate…show more content…
Before attempting to execute the essay, I planned it out with steps that we had gone over in class. The events I decided to use were the struggles I went through in high school, my parents’ divorce, learning about my father being mentally ill, and getting bullied in high school. I put a lot of work into this specific essay because it was the one time I was able to speak on my life and experience, instead of a random topic to which I could not relate. Like Coates Between the world and me, my essay had meaning behind it. Coates wrote his book to tell his son about his life growing up in the world as an African American man, to prepare him for what he might endure in the future, as well as to speak on the things about which he feels passionate. My essay served the same purpose, the difference was that I did not have a specific audience for which it was written. I followed these same steps in every essay I wrote. Knowing that none of my essays never seemed to impress my professor at the time, was very disappointing and discouraging. It made me feel as though I was just a bad writer overall. English 101 specifically kept me from looking forward to writing. The worst part of it was, I could not get the right help me improve my

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