Reflection To Read Aloud (Book Level 2.1)

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Read Aloud Example I
Read Aloud (with some shared reading)
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type (book level 2.3) is an enjoyable book. It is a silly book and an award-winning one and most of the events in the book cannot actually happen (fantasy). You can use a big book or show a smaller one on your projector.

Preparation: decide ahead of time where you want to stop (maybe three or four times) during the reading, and invite discussion regarding a particular word, a picture or a concept you want to focus on.

These are my main objectives for this read aloud: 1. Enjoyment and comprehension
2. Focus on consonant blends and be able to read those words

T: Introduce the book by showing the cover and telling the students the name of the book,
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Read Aloud Example III
Read Aloud (with shared reading): I will read aloud the pages on the left; the children will read aloud with me the pages on the right.
David’s New Friends is a short story and is part of our language arts curriculum series. It is in the first unit and relates to how children feel at the beginning of school. The story is written by award-winning author Pat Mora and illustrated by Ed Martinez. It can also be obtained online

Preparation: Previous discussion of how students feel when school is going to start. Highlight the vocabulary words if necessary. I went over the vocabulary words the day before. The students all have their own book. Have students go to the page where the story begins. If you only have one copy, you can project it on the smartboard.

These are my main objectives for this read aloud: 1. Enjoyment and