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With this atmosphere of Holy Spirit activity God one day asked me to write a course on Revelation. He simply placed the thought on my heart one day as I prepared lectures. I was busy as usual, too busy. As Principal I was teaching four subjects and running the college as well which is a subtle way of saying I was overloaded. I said “yes” to the Lord, but I really meant “maybe” and being so busy I looked to delegate God’s request. The next day I rang a lecturer who I respected a great deal and he agreed to teach the course. I convinced myself that God saw this as being okay. We programmed the course to start in second semester and with about six months before it began I was confident all would go well. Those who know God are probably…show more content…
Our lecturer rang in a panic and blurted out: ‘David, I can’t do the course, God has just turned our lives upside down and I just can’t do it.’ Gulp! The lecture was that evening and I had to run the course myself. I hit the floor, face down and repented at 100 miles an hour! ‘Forgive me Lord. You asked me to do this course and I disobeyed.’ The Holy Spirit didn’t let me wallow in self pity, but said sternly: ‘Get up off the floor and come to the Library.’ When I got there it was: ‘That book, that book and that book.’ So I began typing and at the end of the day about ten pages of lecture notes flowed out of my computer. That was a miracle. I disobeyed, yet God had been patient. God allowed me to back myself into an impossible corner, BUT then He instructed and guided me to overcome my folly. That was a miracle. That was an amazing…show more content…
Week by week He led me to the books I needed to read, week by week. He inspired me with ideas and an understanding different from anything I had read. God spoke to me to take a different approach toward Revelation. He said not to do what everyone else does and start at the book of Revelation and read back into the Bible to explain it. I should begin at Genesis to investigate the teachings on the End Times2 throughout the Bible to help explain the book of Revelation. He also said to disregard other methods of interpreting Revelation and to: ‘Look at the patterns in scripture.’ because: ‘What He had done before, He would do again.’ This sat well with my basic theology training on the character of God, in that He is unchanging, that is he is ‘immutable.’ The nature of what He did in Egypt with the plagues He would do in the End Time, the nature of what He did with Joseph He would do in the End

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