Reflection Paper On CCU

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Reflective Paper
When I reached my mid-thirty 's, I began to feel like all of my ambitions were flushed down the drain. Feeling too old to go back to school, but too young to be taken seriously, I felt stuck in life with no place to go. Sure, I was a single mother of three with more activities in one day than most have in a week, but I still felt like something was absent in my life. One day I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and a commercial came on for an adult learning college . Right away I knew that I could take this leap into the unknown. Although, this was not the right school for me, it did however point me to the right direction. It was God was directing me to CCU by providing me with a fresh start to a new vocation, based around Christian worldviews.
Honestly, I thought I knew it all when I started school here at CCU, but little did I know the world is much more perplex and fast paced than I realized. Everything I learned back in my high school marketing class was either inaccurate or obsolete . This class has opened my eyes to a plethora of fresh and impressive
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It is also a good idea to have a friend or college proofread your paper and double check from grammatical errors. If you hand in an unorganized proposal, your potential clients may decide to go with another bid. Although, I do not submit proposals in my line of work, my supervisor does expect me to prepare legal affidavits and documents for my closings. My supervisor is meticulous and expects the documents to be professional and accurate. The Real Estate market is challenging, and depends solely on word of mouth. Many of the agents I deal with on a daily basis choose my company to work with, because they are satisfied with our customer service experience. It is crucial that our team works together productively in order to keep our clientele

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