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Growing up teachers always talked about how they were “preparing” you for the next grade, in elementary they were getting you ready for middle school, in middle school it was for high school and in highschool it was for college. However, I never really understood what they meant until I arrived in college. College was a complete 180°, I was not prepared for my first semester of college at all. The first couple of weeks were pretty rough, it was hard to adjust being away from my friends and family being in a total new environment living with a complete stranger. However I was able to adjust eventually, and I even made some friends along the way. My philosophy hasn 't changed much while in college, If anything, my reality has become more apparent,…show more content…
My overall study habits have improved tremendously and this is reflected in my grades, from bombing my first tests to finally passing my chemistry test, things have gotten better and I can only see them getting better from here on out. One thing that I was overall pretty good about was going to classes, I rarely missed class unless I was sick, which helped a lot. People used to tell me “The best advice I can give you for college is to go to class”, and I didn 't understand what they meant, I would tell them “Why wouldn 't I go to class, I 'm paying for it?!” but now I totally understand, class being cancelled is the best feeling ever. However, I still have ways to go before I 'm a great college student, my goal is to have a 3.5 GRP which is pretty tough especially when it comes to Chemistry. I want to improve my grades so this means going to more tutoring and more SI’s when I can, and following the 3 hours for every credit hour rule. Dedicating a portion of my day for studying everyday definitely helps, and it 's reflected on my tests. I have learned so much in just one short semester, and I feel that I have grown up so much. I 've learned that the bus drivers are ruthless when it comes to making their times and will run you over and not look back. But i 've also learned that my favorite place to study is the MSC,
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