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Going into my writing class of the semester, I thought that I was going to hate coming to class every Tuesday and Thursday but I was completely wrong because this class was very different from my writing and critical reading class that I took in high school. I was nervous about having to take this class because both of my older sisters used to complain about their gen-ed writing classes. After the first few days of going to our class, I was no longer nervous about this class because the class was run differently than my other writing classes. Instead of only focusing on one or two major essay, we would usually have short assignments due each class followed by a discussion. I also realized that Professor Almjeld wanted to make her writing classes …show more content…

At the beginning of the semester, I did not truly know how to engage with a text while reading because in high school we did not usually spend time discussing different articles so I never really learned how to fully engage with the text. My personal meaning of reading and responses changed from simply skimming over an article and being able to summarize it to being able to engage with it by trying to find the deeper meaning of the article and to recognize when the article does not make sense to you. Through this class I learned that responses to articles should no longer just be a summary but it should also include your own meaning of the piece, whether you agree with the authors viewpoint and any questions that you have from reading the …show more content…

Before we did this assignment in class, I had never created my own webpage and thought that it was going to be very difficult. But besides for the few glitches that WordPress has, making the webpage was not that hard and it is going to be a good tool to have as we go through college and start new jobs. After completing this magazine assignment, our class became literate in WordPress because we all could use it to make a website that we liked and were proud of. My personal meaning of what being literate means has changed quite a lot throughout the entire semester but it now means that you can adjust and adapt to new technologies while still being able to excel in other technologies or

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