Reflection Essay

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To tell a story is to expand tragedies, to spread the comedies, and to share the love and wisdom throughout humanity. Poets, musicians, authors, philosophers and even aristocrats have stories to tell. As a college student and aspiring author, I will share my story at the boundary of this realm. I will proceed to claim myself to be an adequate student and dispute the reason for this by comparing a mediocre student in contrast to me, a much more sophisticated student. As proof of my ability, I present to you this craft in which I spew colors of emotion that paints my life. I begin by speaking of a person whom reads assignments at the last moment yet hopes for an amazing return. Excuses shape their lips as they spout reasons and plead innocent to the grand juror, hoping for leniency and pity. Having no shame whatsoever for the pathetic excuse of an assignment they have handed in, forcing your Excellency to feast upon such grotesque material. Such a student has no right to claim the justice of a perfect grade; the product is only a result of the effort made by the student for the professor. As the story goes with the hare who decided to…show more content…
Particularly, I gave so much insight on their masterpieces that there was not enough time for me to rant about their mistakes in the class period. Of course, I am no scholar and maybe even a charlatan to believe so, but I am aware of simple mistakes, hopefully not blindly but only openly. To oppose this I will continue with my imaginary persona as someone who gives no helpful criticism, but maybe only judges their peers out of jealously. Such a student may visualize the world differently as you or I; a hostile environment education may be, to such an individual. You may define such a student as misanthropic, in which they deliberately choose to sabotage the feelings of their