Reflection About Religion

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Tradition is often thought of as something that people pass down throughout the generations such as practices within families or communities. However, religion, too many is defined as the belief in a God or higher power or existence. Religion tend to differs too many people. Although religion is key factor in many people lives and culture around the world, there are many people who do not have religious beliefs. There are several different views on religion, God, Gods, and what figure or being represents religion around the world and in many different cultures. As I think about religion, I think about the different view on how people worship and what is often considered sacred to the various religious groups and practices. In this paper, I will discuss all the essentials that play a role in the each religious practices, the belief of each religion, and the commonalities that each religion share as well as the issues persons or cultures tend to deal with regarding their beliefs.
When considering the essential elements of religion, we must remember that religion is often considered organized or unorganized in practice. As I think about religion, I think of what a person
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Literary theory, cultural studies, and linguistics are all used to help people gain an understanding about different religious practices. One of the most common approaches to try and understand religion is psychology. Psychology is general used to help one understand the emotional and mental state of a person. Theology is used to help understand the different religions and their history. Mythology is also used to help understand religion as it helps us to understand the stories told, art that has been found or reproduced as well as formal and informal written works. Philosophy is also something that has been used to help people understand the why something
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