Need For Teachers: Case Study: A Need For Teachers

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At the beginning of the case study A Need for Teachers, one will meet Dr. Toni Antellini, who is the Director of Human Resources (HR) for her school district. Dr. Antellini is concerned because she is responsible for finding five suitable candidates to help the high school principals fill their current vacancies for the next academic school year. It is clear to see the depth of research, analysis, and compromises her and the human resource staff members were considering as they explored every possible option to find new educators. As she pondered on how she will circumvent the issue, one of her assistants—Mr. Bill Flanagan—excitedly informs her that his brother and sister-in-law can fill two of the science teaching positions. When Dr. Antellini received applications for Michael and Audrey Flanagan, she…show more content…
As a principal interviewing for a perspective educator, I would be intrigued about the candidate’s enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to the profession. Initial interview questions will be geared towards learning about the candidates and considering if they can adequately manage the responsibilities ahead. I will ask questions to perceive how knowledgeable they are about the content they may teach and decipher on whether they are ready for the challenges that come with being an educator. In the second interview, I would ask questions to ensure the applicant is the right choice. In other words, I would check for consistency in answers from the previous interview and seek an applicant that will exhibit a commitment to the job. Candidates must have the passion/potential to be great teachers. Regarding Michael and Audrey, some questions may be similar; since there are comparable aspects I would want to identify from both candidates. For Michael specifically, I would inquire additional questions about his sporadic movement in and out of the educational
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