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After working hard on that test that took almost an hour to finish, the scent of dirt and fresh air hits the face. The sound of laughter fills the air. Ah, freedom! Recess has always been a way for children to be themselves and take a break from school work. With the help from researchers it has been proven that “recess may play an important role in learning, social development, and health of children” (“Let Them Play”). Children benefit from recess physically, mentally, and socially.
Physical activity is a more than vital necessity in early stages of life. “Physical activity improves [children's] fitness and lowers their risk of obesity” (“How much recess?”). With recess children can gain necessary physical activity in order to stay healthy. For example, research indicates that with more recess time, children’s ability to stay on task in the classroom improves. In turn, more time on task results in improved academic performance which, ultimately, increases chances of graduation (Nanci). The results ending in less children at home bumming off their parents. In …show more content…

Most adults do not realize the amount of weight such young minds have to endure in a single day. Director Howell Wechsler of the Division of Adolescent and School Health for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states that “Some shortsighted people thought that cutting back on time spent on physical education to spend more time drilling for tests would improve test score’’ (Nanci). However, many other studies reflect quite the opposite: allowing more time for physical education activities actually improve academic performance (Nanci). With little knowledge to the issue at hand, society is assuming what is best for children without acknowledging what they may really need. Not only would it affect their mental stability, but possibly their future social

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