The Crucial Role of Recess in School

In the “The Crucial Role of Recess in School” (2012) article it explains, many schools are beginning to replace physical activity, like recess, with more attention to academic subjects. What these schools are forgetting is that well-supervised recess also has benefits that surpass academics. They help make a well rounded student because recess offers cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits to the student when they are young that they carry with them into adulthood.

When kids are getting their necessary period of interrupted play it has great benefits in the classroom helping their cognitive skills to grow. As children get to play at regular intervals through out the day, they children are able to diminish stress and other types of distractions so when they sit down they are more attentive and productive.

Getting the social time that comes with recess can help a child socially and emotionally. Recess gives time students time to interact with their peers and this is when they practice things like role playing, negotiating, cooperation, sharing, and problem solving; these skills are very important for life long tools.

They physical benefits is well backed by different publications. Recess gives children time to do activities they want to do out of joy and they also are able to practice different motor skills and movements. “The Crucial Role of Recess in School” (2012) explains that even the the little movements during recess help to counteract the sitting in class.

There is now an entrance of structured recess that is based on games and activities that are structured. When these are done by a trained adult this kind of recess does have benefits, but doesn't quite give the same support that recess would in s...

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...elf control is really needed to not pick on someone or make someone else feel bad about themselves. The emotional benefits can also lead to students feeling better about themselves and not letting others walk all over them.

All school provide lunch for their students and some even provide breakfast. One of the points “The Crucial Role of Recess in School” makes, is that when recess is before lunch the children tend to eat more. This makes less waste of food and money for the school.

These are just some key points I would touch when trying to promote recess to school administrators or a school board. Recess is very important to our children and I think taking it out of their day to day routine will hurt them in the end.

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