Reasons why British Troops were Sent into Northern Ireland

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Reasons why British Troops were Sent into Northern Ireland

Why were British troops sent into Northern Ireland in 1969?

There were many reasons in why British troops were sent in. Some of

these reasons are short-term, such as the failure of partition and

civil rights. As well as short term factors there was long-term

factors, such as plantation, William of Orange. The combined

ingredients of both give reasons in why the British Army was sent in.

The causes in why British troops were sent in can be put into an order

of importance, Partition being one of the most important causes,

followed by plantation then Easter Rising. The Easter rising led

partition, this brewed troubles on both catholic and protestant side,

as neither side can forget the past, showing the failure of partition.

Both Irish Catholics and Protestants cannot forget the history as they

outline the importance of this for them. After Partition, Catholics

found that they were in the minority in the Protestant controlled

North. From 1922 Catholics were on the receiving end of discrimination

against them, increasing numbers of civil rights marches. By 1960s

tension is on both sides, violence escalated, leading to the British

Troops being sent in.

The reason in why the British got involved is due to a long-term

history as well as short term. Ireland has always been a catholic

country, but Henry 8th, Elizabeth 1 and James 1, sent Protestant

settlers to Ireland, Plantation. The settlers were mainly situated in

the North, where Catholic land was seized by the British, becoming

protestant land, making the North a more Protestant land. During the

English civil war, there wa...

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... 1922.The Violence in the late 1960s gave way for the Army going in.

The violence broke out mainly because of both Catholics and

Protestants not willing to forget the past, the whole feud between

Irish Catholics and Protestants was based on past events. If both

sides forgot the past there would have been no need to send British

Troops in, or any Troubles being started. But the religious

differences between the Catholics and Protestants can be primarily

routed to the Plantation. The British wanted to assert Ireland, by

Plantation the British created a problem that was never solved. The

reason why the British Army was sent into Ireland was the problem

created by Britain. If Britain didn’t get involved in Ireland, a

problem would never have been created, resulting in there being no

Easter Rising or Partition of Ireland.
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