Reality vs Stereotype: Prostitution

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In today's society if you see a woman walking a corner in dirty or exotic clothing then immediately you think “prostitute” and that's she's beneath you. Images of a dirty and sick lifestyles race through your head, well that just a stereotype. The reality of prostitution is drugs, abuse, and dehumanization.

Whore, slut, and sex worker are the popular terms to describe a female who is in prostitution, the stereotypes that associated with these names are nothing compared to the reality of there purposes; whore is a word for prostitute, slut has nothing to do with prostitution because a slut was just a lazy woman and now the word has turned into a promiscuous girl...not prostitute. Sex worker is not very difficult to explain because it’s a modern term that is used when talking about prostitutes and porn stars, porn is legal and prostitution is not is the biggest example when defining sex worker. But according to Linda Fairstein, whichever name is used it still leaves a lasting effect on prostitutes for example; Men call up the image of the whore when they are abusing their partners. The accusations in between the kicks and slaps: "You slut....whore...." Historically, the words mean "subhuman," "having no rights," "invisible," and "wicked." As recently as 1991, police in a southern California community closed all rape reports made by prostitutes and addicts, placing them in a file stamped "NHI." The letters stand for the words "No Human Involved." (Fairstein)

To dehumanize females in prostitution some people create stereotypes that cause people to down on prostitutes, such as their drug users which results in suicide, whores, they have no morals or values, their doing it to support an addiction, have STDs, doesn't respect thems...

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