Rang De Basanti Religion

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Religious Tension has plagued many people of India from the beginning of time. During Colonization, Greta Britain created an imperialistic system that favored some religious groups over the other. Furthermore, the strength and power of being different created a rift in the people of India. In general, people started to see them as different based on religious views and beliefs. Therefore, the Hindu and Muslim conflict was birthed from the tension created during colonization. In Rang de Basanti, the film producer created a sense of conflict between the two religious groups most present in the Indian society. The conflict was presented mostly through the lenses of the characters Laxman and the character Aslam. Laxman served to represent the old India and the power of the Hindu people. Laxman was a Hindu Nationalist who solely …show more content…

The film displayed India in many ways that went from Religious diversity to cultural and political diversity. There were many characters in the film that differed in financial income and status. Also, there were characters that came form different religious backgrounds. Furthermore, there were many different cultures and traditions that were made present from the film. However, the major inclination that was created by the film was the idea of “ Power might change hands, but injustices will continue the same.” Many years have passed since India has been under Colonization, but many of the same ideas and thought process influence the people. Most of the character sin the film were jaded or felt as if there was nothing that could unite India. However, through one tragic event, many of the characters were giving a second life and way of thinking. They stopped sitting on the sideline and complaining about the issues that affected them and their love ones. Nevertheless, they stood up and decided to change things that were injustices in their

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