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HISTORY INTERNAL ASSESSMENT PRADNYA CHHORIYA WORD COUNT: DATE: To what extent Gandhian mode of protest Satyagraha relevant in today’s context? CONTENTS 1. Plan of investigation. 2. Summary of evidence. a. Ideologies of Gandhiji (about Satyagraha) 2.2 Significance and non-significance of it today 2.3Examples 2.4 Where all Satyagraha is not successful? 2.5 How it maintains peace today? 3. Evaluation of sources. 4. Analysis. 5. Conclusion. To what extent Gandhian mode of protest Satyagraha(non-violence) relevant in today’s context? 1 Plan of investigation Fed by the politics of hunger, communal hatred and violence, our country made a ‘tryst with destiny’ when it achieved by freedom by the paradoxical ahimsa (non-violence) and the tool of Satyagraha. The simple gesture of picking up salt turned into one of the most nationalistic movements the world has ever witnessed. But is the concept of Satyagraha still relevant today? This investigation assesses to what extent has the Gandhian mode of protest is still relevant in India. Are Gandhi’s ideologies still applicable with the advent of modernization? Through this investigation we will be able to answer a question regarding the applicability of the Satyagraha concept in our present century. While Western Europe had echoed with the rants of dictators Gandhi had stirred the crowded multitudes of India, the most populous area in the world, without raising his voice. It was not with the luring of power of fortune that he had called his followers to his cause but by giving a warning of having to handle the most difficult adversities of their life, yet people followed him with utmost reverence. In this investigation, we will try to find out what were the reasons for the s... ... middle of paper ... ...ce means non-reaction to injustice. But this is not true. Justice is an aspect of truth or Satya and it is only befitting to do everything imaginable within one's control to defend and preserve justice - that is the legitimate duty of a Satyagrahi. Anytime, that we see violence or injustice, we have to resist it sympathetically and affectionately. Without showing any sign of revenge or hatred we have to resist it. One has to go through all the threats and dangers. And rise victoriously from them, with the principles of Satyagraha. Citation and Bibliography REF: Taman, “Followers and International influence”,, Web, retrieved23-03-2014 REF: Sunanda Sharma, “Gandhian Strategy”,, Web, retrieved on 23-03-2013 REF: Urmila Das, “The Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi to the world today”,, Web, 23-03-2014

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