Racial Discrimination Towards Colored People

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Racial discrimination towards colored people “Racism” which is a curse for some people and for some people, it is a way of treating people badly. In our modern society, some people do racial discrimination towards people by justifying their race or cultural background which includes someone’s physical presence, hair type, the color of eyes and skin, height, etc. There are some people who want to stay or live with similar groups who look alike, who have the same belief, almost same economical situation, same interest or language which sometimes creates racism. Back in around 1800 or before, racism was worst. For instance, during that time black people or colored people had to suffer tremendously just because of their skin color or identity. They had to live a life which was a part of slavery and did not have legal or social rights including immigration, citizenship, land acquisition, education or voting rights. In today's world, racism is not as much as bad as the past, still, some people slightly do racism. Now, the black or colored people do not have to suffer anymore just like …show more content…

Desire did not have any choice because 1800’s society’s norms and customs force her to strictly comply with them. At that time, racism towards black people was normal and appropriate in a society. There was nothing wrong with that because society used to see colored people as a slave. Similarly, in Carole case, which took the plot in 1970’s still has the curse of racism. The little difference between the two stories was, Carole could raise her voice towards the couples and there was plenty of people who were against Mr. and Mrs. Norton’s behavior. But Desiree had no choice. The one thing was mainly common between two stories that were racism towards the colored people. Unfortunately, that still happens by few people in our society just like Carole’s

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