Slavery In Ancient China Essay

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The slavery history of China began 2100 BC, which is Xia Dynasty started to dominate the country. Slavery keeps almost 1800 years in China and was abolished in 1950s. (“Slavery in Ancient China”, 2010) Around 1953, Mao president who is the first president in China abolished slavery in Tibet. Tibet was the last place where existed slavery in China in modern history. In prior to Xia Dynasty, tribal leaders led people. After Xia Dynasty founded, more labors were needed to build country, so the emperor of Xia Dynasty decided to use captured soldiers to build country. This is the first time ‘slave’ appeared in ancient China. (“Slavery in Ancient China”, 2010). After their owner died, most of slaves had to be buried with their masters. Some of slaves…show more content…
This is a very special culture in ancient China because people believe transmigration. These slaves who buried with master could serve for their master again for life. The slavery in China was noted cruelty. Slaves in ancient China cannot have normal life compare to other people. In ancient time, agriculture is the most important way for people to live even business is the lowest level. Most of slavery were forced to farm land. Almost all of slaves were born in poor families. Some women who were slaves that were sold to rich people and nobles. Slaves cannot gain respect from their owners and most of time they always suffered abuse by their owners. So how can be slaves in ancient China? Most of slaves in China are captured people. When these captured people have their family, these families have to be slaves too. So in ancient time, most of Chinese were slaves. (“Slavery in Ancient China”,…show more content…
They cannot have their own property. They do not have their own place to sleep and where they could sleep is the black area where is far away from the place they worked. The most serious thing for African slaves is they cannot speak their own language and write their words when they were forced to work. People who enslaved African slaves deprive their right to continue and remember their culture. As time goes, many countries abolished slavery because of common revolt. In America, when President Lincoln abolishes slavery in the 18th century, slavery is not common in the America. However, the life situation of African were very serious in that era. Racism made African Americans experienced a very black period in America. Black people and white people cannot study in the same school; they cannot eat in the same places; they cannot fight with whites even whites did bad things to them; they cannot be treated courteously. In this era, the life of Black is not important as that of normal people. Even in modern history, the situation of Africa Americans were not as good as normal people. Because African Americans cannot pay the same money in tuition, so many of them cannot go to university to have good education as Americans could. After university, company would not choose African Americans because they did not have high
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