Racial Discrimination And Discrimination

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Racial discrimination, a constant treatment where the occurrence never lightens. Where simple acts of defiance, even kindness, are taking towards unnecessary measures. There is no safe zone, not even in the comfort of your own work field, the reason being discrimination happens everywhere and it is not avoidable. Many years can go by, and many things can change, things such as appearances or customs, even alliances, but racism will never be one of them.
Racism begins way back, in the year 1600, "At the end of the 19th century, the U.S. experienced another wave of European immigration. This time the immigrants were southern and eastern Europeans and their presence challenged ideas about race, specifically who was white and who was not." In
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Racial Discrimination often leads to deaths, job loss, or even home evacuation. This is an important topic everyone must be aware of. "Hypertension is another problem linked in part to racist incidents at work. "That 's when I got high blood pressure," said a medical professional in the Midwest." in "Death by Discrimination" , Joe R. Feagen goes into his article and expresses just how discrimination can affect just about anyone. In his paragraphs he states that the stress at work that the coworkers give them by constant intimidation is a big effect towards their health and their…show more content…
Less wars, less murder, no discrimination. "In racism, nationalism and individualism it is moral to act in one 's own interests provided such action does not violate the legitimate rights of others. This is the standard of morality differentiating their moral from their immoral forms. The moral forms respect the rights of other races, nations and individuals, the immoral forms do not. If taken to the extreme, immoral racism can promote genocide just as immoral individualism can promote murder. Genocide is to racism what murder is to individualism. They are the antithesis of moral racism and individualism." Richard McCulloch 's article "Right and Wrong Racism" goes into depth about the importance of racial diversity. He also believes that Racial diversity will be the death of us to become moral, though he has a dream, where one day racial diversity will be nonexistent and racial nihilism comes into play. A better life. Because of how everything is going so wrong in todays time, of how we treat one another, we need to be more concerned about how we treat our brothers and see and strive towards what is best for the other groups and not what is best for
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