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What is Race? Race is defined as a category, or a population of a species differing geographically, morphologically, or genetically from other populations of the same species. The differences between humans began a long time ago because humans lived in different parts of the world. Originally all humans belonged to one pure race. Most of todays’ people now have mixed racial ancestry. For example, some children in America come from an African American and Caucasian background. Race is somewhat not acceptable to humans because the division of humans into discrete types does not represent the true nature of human biological variation. In some societies race is an important social category. People from ancient societies would not separate people because of their physical differences, but by class, religion, language and even class. A trait or, gene, or characteristic can distinguish one’s race from another race. Scientist in Europe, have tried to classify Homo sapiens into categories, or race, based on where they live, physical features like body size, head shape, hair texture, and skin color. During the 18 century, people divided humans based on where they live and skin color like Europeans as “white”, Africans as “black”, Indians as “red”, and Asians as “yellow”. For example, in Haiti, color has been the dominant force in social and political life. Skin texture, facial feature, hair color, and socioeconomic class together play a role in placement. The anthropological perspective define race as members of a society have similar biological traits. These members are diverse from other members of society because of these traits. In the end, the race concept is not acceptable to humans but it is used as a cultural classification. ... ... middle of paper ... ... color. It is impossible to reach agreement on the number of genes and precisely which one are the most important for defining races. The biological definition of race is that it does not mean that any one race has exclusively possession of any particular variant of any gene or genes. Each race has different genes because they are open, meaning that genes flow between them. A population can’t exist if it has a fixed gene which is why there are rules for certain societies when choosing their mate. There is also an issue when using the word, “race” because a person’s race could tell if they are intelligent. Sadly, there isn’t any document stating what abilities or talents actually make up what is intelligence, even people were to measure their intelligence with an IQ test. An IQ test measures the mind’s performance rather than distinguishing your genetic placement.

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